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Great Album Art: LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening

LCD Soundsystem - This is HappeningWe’ve long said that the best album covers are ones that capture the music they represent. On the cover of his final LCD Soundsystem album, you have James Murphy at his best: on the edge of control. From what I had heard, I always knew I’d enjoy Murphy’s music, but I didn’t know it until I picked up this gem from the Dr. Disc bargain bin. The basic foundation of Murphy’s music often seems structured and technical, but what often makes his songs great is the looseness / unpredictableness of how it all works together. On first listen, you never quite know where an LCD Soundsystem song might go next.  The title of this one, This is Happening, suggests to us the acknowledgement of a moment in time where things just come together. James Murphy is captured here enjoying such a moment, mobilized by music, perhaps inspired by drink. We may attend shows on the opposite side of the stage monitors, but it is these moments that keep us coming back, to the excitement and truthfulness of live music.


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