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Interview: Walrus

Several bands go by the name Walrus, but its the 3-piece psych-rockers from Halifax that we recommend. Earlier this month, the band released Glam Returns, a four-song ep packed with great melodies and fuzzed out guitars. While we are partial to lengthy closers with tremendous guitar solos, “It’s No Myth to Me” is the highlight of this set. This is a solid release throughout though, and while we were only recently introduced to Walrus, this is a band we’ll be paying attention to in 2014. Walrus generously answered our questions today about format preferences, plans for a full-length and more.

WalrusYou can stream and purchase Glam Returns here

SA: Walrus is a simple, yet awesome band name. Where did the idea to name your band Walrus come from?
W: Walrus was a name that I always thought was cool before we were ever a band, and it was my intention to use it whenever the band came together. I never really liked the name for any specific reason or meaning, just thought had a nice ring. We’re all big Beatles fan, so maybe it came from there subconsciously.

SA: What are you listening to at the moment?
W: I’ve found myself listening to a lot of friends music like the new Best Fiends, WHOOP-Szo, and The Everywheres, but I’m also stuck in this Crosby, Stills, & Nash phase that I can’t get out of.

SA: How much influence does the recording process have on your songwriting?
W: The recording process doesn’t have as big of a influence on the songwriting as maybe we all would like it to. We haven’t been recording our own stuff as much lately, so the bigger influence on our more recent stuff has been jamming. It’s hard to imagine how a song will turn out when I write it by myself and demo it, it’s when all 6 of us get our hands on it in the jam space that things start to really happen and take shape. The four songs that we just released are kind of old to us now, we’ve toured, jammed and played those songs to death, so it was almost sweet relief to released, so maybe the new batch of songs that we have waiting will be more influenced by the recording process, but for the most part we just go in and play the songs quite quickly, and not as much time was spent on the recording process. But I think for our next release our goal is to go in and make sure that everything sounds exactly how we want it to sound, and not settle on things being good enough. We want to keep progressing and moving forward as a group, so I think that is our next step to realizing our sound.

SA: While your releases are available to download from Bandcamp, you also offer them in more traditional formats (vinyl and cassette tapes). Do you consider the format to be an important part of how your music is enjoyed?
W: Having physical copies of music is more enjoyable for both us as a band, and the people who like our music. It’s nice to finish off a recording, have the songs done and then hold them on a tape/CD/vinyl and know that it’s something you made, not sure a website or a USB stick with your songs on. It’s obviously easy enough to just go onto a band’s Bandcamp and download their music from there or like them on Facebook or whatever, but there is something so much more gratifying about buying someones music and putting it on your record/tape/CD player, or actually going to a show as opposed to supporting a group online. I know I try to buy tapes  or whatever merch I can when I go to shows, and there’s always a group of people who are into that too. You take whatever support from people you can get, but it’s always more cool to ship someone a tape, or something at a show. If your hard drive crashes you can lose all your music, but if you buy something physical you can have that shit forever, unless of course you lose it.

SA: What can we expect from Walrus in 2014? Are there plans for a full-length eventually?
W: We are going to be doing some quick trips up to Ontario/Quebec in March and April just for a couple shows we have lined up, then later in the summer we will do a little bit of touring for a week or two, spend some time with our friends in London, and just try to make the most of the summer while it’s here. We are planning a full-length, like I said above the Glam Returns EP was really old for us, so it was nice to get that music out and finally release it, but really don’t play any of those songs live anymore, we have been working on a ton of new material so we want to record that and make sure that it sounds exactly how we want it to, you only get one first LP so we want to make sure we are really happy with it, and that we do it right. But you can definitely expect a full-length album this summer I’m hoping.

This post was written by Scott


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