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Interview: Joey Muha

Port Dover’s Joey Muha is the drummer for Hamilton melodic metal band Threat Signal but is also well-known for his incredible drum covers, which can be found on Youtube. On these covers, Muha does an excellent job of adapting his metal style to a variety of different genres, with a variety of different techniques. He does this in such a way that without knowing about his involvement with metal music, one might not be able to guess what his influences are. Joey Muha simply plays so many different styles well.

Joey Muha2Joey Muha: Tribute to Stompin’ Tom Connors

SA: What are you listening to at the moment?
JM: As bad as it sounds, I’ve been on a huge Kesha kick lately. But there are a couple bands from the area that I’ve been spinning a lot. One is a pop/rock band from Hamilton called Thought Beneath Film. TBF is about to release their latest single on Canadian radio and iTunes. Really awesome and catchy tunes! The other is a metal band also from Hamilton called Skynet. They recently signed to a record label in Toronto and have some big things coming up!

SA: Which drummers have influenced your style the most?
JM: When I first started playing drums, I was most influenced by Vinnie Paul (Pantera) and Chris Adler (Lamb of God). As time went on, I started focusing more on the structure of songs and the band as a whole, not just what the drummer was playing.

SA: How would you describe the experience of playing behind a band like Threat Signal?
JM: It’s great! I had been playing in local bands for a few years prior to joining Threat Signal. After playing in local bands for years, I kind of caught a lucky break getting in with those guys. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to live with in a van for weeks at a time!

SA: In your opinion, what makes a good drum cover?
JM: As long as the drummer is having a good time making the video, I can get down with it.

SA: What are you musical plans for the near future?
JM: Right now, Threat Signal has a European tour from October 3rd to 23rd. Right after that, I’m filling in for another band on their east coast tour from November 1st – 17th. When I get home from that tour, I’ll be going straight into the studio to record Threat Signal’s new record. Staying busy!

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